Welcome design lovers and thrill seekers. For the last 15 years of my life I have had the humbling opportunity to practice the art of Graphic Design for a living. It’s been quite the ride and these are some of my favourite projects.¬†Enjoy.

My Work.

I have seen a lot over the years working on projects for multi-billion dollar corporations and small business alike. Graphic Design is my life and every project is a new adventure. I am also the full time Graphic Ninja for Bombora Skateboards, and I also enjoy dabbling in skate sequence photography.

Print Design.

I love print. It is what got me in the game and attracted me to Graphic Design. Over the years I have had the privilege to have my work published in some of my favourite media outlets such as Concrete Wave Magazine, SkateSlate Magazine, The Toronto Star and The Globe & Mail.

Motion Graphics.

Working with video is probably some of the most fun that can be had as a designer.

I have worked on countless corporate videos, such as this one for MNP Tower in Vancouver to the left, but making skate videos is still the best. Just push play.

Contact Me.

luisthedesigner@gmail.com Appointments by referral only.